Quarantine dinner #49 Carne guisada

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Wepa! Latin food is one of my favorite things to eat and being in NYC is not hard to find or is it? Now if I had said Spanish food that would be a different story. Let me explain and break it down… Latin America what does that mean? It the places that only Spain and Portugal conquered and colonized and the places Spain only colonized is called Hispanic America. Every Latin country has its food and customs and culture. The food may sound the same but it different. So you can not say it’s all Spanish food. Mexican

Quarantine dinner #48 Short ribs

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Lost and not found... I was about to post about Mother's Day. I had written about how it started, about Father's Day, About greeting cards, and the recipe for our short ribs 4 hour cook dinner the smoothest potatoes ever with a tamis. the meaning of life. but the document save got corrupted and is now everything I wrote is gone... and I am not going to rewrite it. So here are pictures of just the food I and Jesse made for Mother's Day.

Quarantine dinner #47 Tacos de carnitas

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Get your hotdogs here! Most people have never had tried real Mexican food... Let me break it down to you why… Like everyone at one point I thought I did, I had tacos with ground meat lettuce tomatoes ground beef in a yellow corn shell. Maybe you had something fancy like a burrito or enchiladas in a Mexican restaurant with Mexican people working there so it must mean it real right? Possibly...maybe just like the Chinese restaurant with the Chinese people who work behind the bulletproof glass and you have to talk into the mic to ask for the

Quarantine dinner #44 Ancient food

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Marco…! Ok I am going to start right off this dish dates back to over 500 years ago... But tomato’s and pasta never existed in Italy they never heard of them or tasted them. So no spaghetti and meatballs no marinara sauce no pizza. Let me explain everything... The noodle was invented in Asia records show as far back as 4000 years...ok lets move forward. “Yea we know that Marco Polo brought the noodle to Italy” I am not too sure about that. He may have brought some form of dried noodle back but Italy had a type of

Quarantine dinner #30 Juicy Lucy

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Redemption... It’s funny that two days ago I posted about a ham and cheese it was actually over 1000 words explaining why I did not want to cook or clean and I wanted to make something in I minute. This is part #2 If you missed part #1 here is the link Quarantine dinner #28 Soon after my inbox was flooded and a couple of posts about… people feeling sorry about my cooking skills, sending me ideas on how to cook the ham what to do with the cheese etc. Someone sent their family secret recipe that was passed

Quarantine dinner #25 corn beef hash

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Life on a plate Growing up in chinatown nyc in the early 70’s I remember a lot thing I never thought about till now. Like never having an ac only a window fan, going out and playing in the streets or park without supervision or having a real curfew. I also thought about the fun things that kids now will never see again for instance stoop ball, a metal bar jungle Jim or like a heavy wooden nyc park high seesaw. If you grew up in nyc and played on a seesaw with your friends you know you would

Quarantine dinner #24 Chicken fried steak

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Food and memory’s I was thinking about back in the early 80’s some of you know...some of you don’t know.. I used to be in a band at that time that was called grandmaster flash and the furious 5 I was one of the 5. Recently one the members of the group past away when I say member I mean family like you could be a roadie, manager, sound guy if you were on multiple tours with us you were a member and family. Gino was was one of the roadies but much more that he was a personal

Quarantine dinner #23 Peas with beef

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Green peas with beef over rice. When I was kid grown up this was one of my favorite dishes. it was about 1.50 for this this.. back in the day. It was ether ground beef or slice beef and sometimes served with a fried egg on top. The sauce is oyster sauce based with some minced onion. This is a comfort food anyone who knows this dish knows what I mean.

Quarantine Dinner #22 Ukrainian meatballs

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Ukrainian meatballs with mushroom gravy and homemade mash potatoes. The meatballs was a combo of ground veal and beef and other ingredients, the Gravy was mushrooms and onions and heavy cream. potatoes garlic, butter and heavy cream. One ingredient that was missing was dill so we made due without. What’s does it taste like? Very close to Swedish meatballs almost like the ikea meatballs. We made enough for 2 dinners yes it was so good we ate it two days in a row. The original plan was to freeze and eat it another day.

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