Quarantine dinner #30 Juicy Lucy

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Redemption... It’s funny that two days ago I posted about a ham and cheese it was actually over 1000 words explaining why I did not want to cook or clean and I wanted to make something in I minute. This is part #2 If you missed part #1 here is the link Quarantine dinner #28 Soon after my inbox was flooded and a couple of posts about… people feeling sorry about my cooking skills, sending me ideas on how to cook the ham what to do with the cheese etc. Someone sent their family secret recipe that was passed

Quarantine dinner #18 Loco moco

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Loco moco is a dish that can be only be found in one place Hawaii! ...well 2 places my home also. Just like poi it’s only local to the islands of Hawaii. Loco moco is a simple dish of a juicy burger on top of rice with beef gravy and then topped with a fried egg and onions or scallion are also added. The dish seems to have been invented in the late 40’s in a dinner where some local kids had little money and wanted some else besides a sandwich. So the owner came up with this dish

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