Quarantine dinner #50 Korean fried chicken

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Why did the chikin cross the interstate… Sorry, not sorry… I have not had much time to write my food posts story’s normally they take about 2 hours to write. But I kinda got sidetracked with what started as a simple part swap for one of my 3D printers we decided to rebuild and upgrade everything with new wiring, custom printed parts, nozzles, etc. At the same time I have been teaching Jesse a cad designing program Called fusion 360, and he also wanted to learn more electronics, so now programming and electronics have been throw on the table

Quarantine dinner #46 Spam fried rice

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You got mail! I started using a computer in 1986 back then the world was beginning to change but no one knew it yet… I used to communicate using a modem at very low speeds 300 baud to be exact. I used to run a bbs which is a bulletin board service where people could post messages and files for each other. Depending on how many lines you had, sometimes you had to wait and try back when the line was free to log in. There was also ARPANET which I started using which was the real internet the

Quarantine dinner #32 Chicken and pasta

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Twisting forks Every loves pasta but it can get boring after a while...pasta with marinara sauce, pasta with sausage meat, pasta carbonara, pasta with meat sauce, etc. I think meat sauce was invented by people who too lazy to make meatballs. Meatball So in our household we normally make a quick meat sauce. But last night I wanted something different and I wanted to make it fairly quick and simple this is what I did… I had a pack of boneless skinless chicken thighs I seasoned with salt and fresh ground pepper. Please note I only use

Quarantine dinner #27 Chicken curry

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Curry in a hurry Curry is not what you think it is…. You probably think yes I do! It a yellow power they got it in the supermarket and sometimes is says Jamaican curry Jamaican Curry powder Before we get in to that lets talk about where does it come from? First the original name was not Curry it was Kuri which means sauce or relish for rice. Kuri originated from East Asia and dates back to 2500bc but it was only known to us much much later down the timeline around 1510 where Portuguese traders started

Quarantine dinner #15 Kung Pow chicken

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Missing take out? I made Kung Pow chicken pretty simple easy fast dish to make. I was planing on making something else but had to switch up at the last minute. Jesse was busy with homework to do anything but eat. it seem like he has more home now than before.

Quarantine dinner #10 Fried chicken

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Butter milk fried chicken! Simple and easy season the chicken parts with your favorite chicken spices put everything in a bowl pour buttermilk over chicken part to cover and cover with plastic wrap. Put in refrigerator for 8 hours. Then shake of excess buttermilk and roll in seasoned flour and then fry Done!

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