Quarantine dinner #26 Pasta fazool

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Taste changes Some people can eat the same food everyday. My wife for instance, can eat a grilled chicken salad everyday. There is a running joke about that in our household... Jesse has his go to dishes like curry, pasta, etc. Me, well I like to try new things explore new flavors and ways of cooking. That being said I hate cleaning up afterwards which normally come right after exploring new ways of cooking. So thinking about that, what did I eat on a regular basis 20 years ago, and Is it the same? Does our food taste change

Quarantine dinner #25 corn beef hash

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Life on a plate Growing up in chinatown nyc in the early 70’s I remember a lot thing I never thought about till now. Like never having an ac only a window fan, going out and playing in the streets or park without supervision or having a real curfew. I also thought about the fun things that kids now will never see again for instance stoop ball, a metal bar jungle Jim or like a heavy wooden nyc park high seesaw. If you grew up in nyc and played on a seesaw with your friends you know you would

Quarantine dinner #16 bulgogi

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I had only 1 small steak so I used in a a way that everyone could share it. That is why I like to cook Asian food it’s a good balance and you don’t need a lot of protein. American style would have been 1 steak per person them potatoes and a veg. Korean bulgogi beef and fried dice fish with sushi rice sides with ginger broccoli and kimchi. Mixing Asian dishes Korean Chinese and Japanese. Such a great combo not many people know what fried dace is you have to be old school and have grown up in

Quarantine dinner #15 Kung Pow chicken

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Missing take out? I made Kung Pow chicken pretty simple easy fast dish to make. I was planing on making something else but had to switch up at the last minute. Jesse was busy with homework to do anything but eat. it seem like he has more home now than before.

Quarantine dinner #14 Meat loaf

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Classic meat loaf Well almost classic I added bits of lap cheong which is a Chinese dried sausage it adds a sweetness to it. Since my fresh staples are running low frozen veggies and real smashed garlic potatoes with a onion gravy. It’s get harder to be creative with supply’s getting lower in nyc. I have not left the house since March 9. So I have no idea how crazy it is out there.

Quarantine dinner #12 Steak au poivre

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Supermarket steak ala Poivre and hand cut fries cooked in cold oil. Local supermarkets are not known for great cuts of of meats they are are always cut thin not best way for a proper steak. So my favorite way is to make em with a peppercorn sauce it a good way to cook them. I normally throw the cooked steaks back in the sauce and cook them a little longer.

Quarantine dinner #11 Pork chops

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Cleaning my pantry shelf off day. Iets see if I can get 100 followers in my new instagram feed imicroworld Did anyone notice my little trick to keep chops flat? Spanish style fried pork chops from freezer with a box mix of dirty rice with can of Vienna sausages and can of pinto beans. Of course I added things like soffito to the beans and garlic and onions to the rice.

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