Quarantine dinner #46 Spam fried rice

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You got mail! I started using a computer in 1986 back then the world was beginning to change but no one knew it yet… I used to communicate using a modem at very low speeds 300 baud to be exact. I used to run a bbs which is a bulletin board service where people could post messages and files for each other. Depending on how many lines you had, sometimes you had to wait and try back when the line was free to log in. There was also ARPANET which I started using which was the real internet the

Quarantine dinner #42 The sandwich

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Best invention since... Grill cheese and bacon sandwich done! What can you say about that?... it’s just a simple sandwich haha! the end! well, lots… Let me break it down and I'll explain.. Let’s start with the sandwich when we think of sandwiches we picture something between two slices of bread, the Oreo cookie filling, or the time you thought it was a good idea to go home with those 2 people. If you don’t get too technical you can go back to ancient times when the Jews had lamb with herbs on a soft matzah like flatbread now

Quarantine dinner #28 ham and cheese

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I like cooking…. But sometimes you get one of those days where even making toast feels like too much work. Last night was one of those nights I was not inspired to cook and we just got a fresh direct delivery Yay! But here’s what really happen.. A couple of items were sold out but no biggie.. kitty ordered a chicken probably to make a chicken salad. the chicken was a whole organic free range no hormone, non gmo, locally grown, no antibiotic, soy free, gluten free, kosher, halal, chicken that was killed humanly while listening to Elton John’s

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