Birthday cake..

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You can’t have your cake and eat it too… I like cake! Chocolate 5 layer the more layers the better! We use cake to celebrate an occasion or just for dessert any old reason will do to eat cake, I just finished the broccoli I can eat cake now Yay! I just created a cure for cancer Yay! get a cake! Bob got fired yay! get a cake! Any reason will do. The term "cake" has a long history. The word itself is of Viking origin, from the Old Norse word "kaka". Unfortunately, I have had my share of

Quarantine dinner #50 Korean fried chicken

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Why did the chikin cross the interstate… Sorry, not sorry… I have not had much time to write my food posts story’s normally they take about 2 hours to write. But I kinda got sidetracked with what started as a simple part swap for one of my 3D printers we decided to rebuild and upgrade everything with new wiring, custom printed parts, nozzles, etc. At the same time I have been teaching Jesse a cad designing program Called fusion 360, and he also wanted to learn more electronics, so now programming and electronics have been throw on the table

Quarantine dinner #49 Carne guisada

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Wepa! Latin food is one of my favorite things to eat and being in NYC is not hard to find or is it? Now if I had said Spanish food that would be a different story. Let me explain and break it down… Latin America what does that mean? It the places that only Spain and Portugal conquered and colonized and the places Spain only colonized is called Hispanic America. Every Latin country has its food and customs and culture. The food may sound the same but it different. So you can not say it’s all Spanish food. Mexican

Quarantine dinner #47 Tacos de carnitas

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Get your hotdogs here! Most people have never had tried real Mexican food... Let me break it down to you why… Like everyone at one point I thought I did, I had tacos with ground meat lettuce tomatoes ground beef in a yellow corn shell. Maybe you had something fancy like a burrito or enchiladas in a Mexican restaurant with Mexican people working there so it must mean it real right? Possibly...maybe just like the Chinese restaurant with the Chinese people who work behind the bulletproof glass and you have to talk into the mic to ask for the

Quarantine dinner #46 Spam fried rice

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You got mail! I started using a computer in 1986 back then the world was beginning to change but no one knew it yet… I used to communicate using a modem at very low speeds 300 baud to be exact. I used to run a bbs which is a bulletin board service where people could post messages and files for each other. Depending on how many lines you had, sometimes you had to wait and try back when the line was free to log in. There was also ARPANET which I started using which was the real internet the

Quarantine dinner #45 Jambalaya

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Holy trinity…! I have been to New Orleans 4 times 2 when I was on tour 1 time on a food expedition for my friend who was opening up a restaurant, and the last time was when I was a animator and demo artist I was asked to speak on a panel about 3D software at Siggraph with some of the top artists of the time. The 2 things in common with these trips 1st I was on business or on stage on the trips. 2nd I tried every Cajun and Creole dish I could while I was there.

Quarantine dinner #44 Ancient food

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Marco…! Ok I am going to start right off this dish dates back to over 500 years ago... But tomato’s and pasta never existed in Italy they never heard of them or tasted them. So no spaghetti and meatballs no marinara sauce no pizza. Let me explain everything... The noodle was invented in Asia records show as far back as 4000 years...ok lets move forward. “Yea we know that Marco Polo brought the noodle to Italy” I am not too sure about that. He may have brought some form of dried noodle back but Italy had a type of

Quarantine dinner #42 The sandwich

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Best invention since... Grill cheese and bacon sandwich done! What can you say about that?... it’s just a simple sandwich haha! the end! well, lots… Let me break it down and I'll explain.. Let’s start with the sandwich when we think of sandwiches we picture something between two slices of bread, the Oreo cookie filling, or the time you thought it was a good idea to go home with those 2 people. If you don’t get too technical you can go back to ancient times when the Jews had lamb with herbs on a soft matzah like flatbread now

Quarantine dinner #41 Egg foo young

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Hong Kong gardens... Growing up in Chinatown I ate all kinds of eggs fried, hard-boiled, soft boiled, water eggs, steamed egg custard, and omelet even the thousand year old egg 🥚 😲... When I was a kid we never had egg foo young as most people know it a deep-fried dark omelet filled with vegetables and some protein in almost a flying saucer shape then topped with some ubiquitous brown sauce. Egg foo young We ate a soft omelet with maybe 2 3 ingredients max. Topped with just a drizzle of oyster sauce and soy sauce. Egg

Quarantine dinner #40 Oatmeal

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Mush! One thing I never liked is oatmeal only 5% of the world eats oatmeal the other 95% is livestock. But I do like steel-cut oatmeal is normally boring even the story behind it is boring. But let me see if I can change that! First the oatmeal that everyone knows that comes in the round box with the picture of bushes wife is called rolled oats. It’s called rolled oats because it is rolled and flatten. The process makes it cook faster because of the wider surface area, so it can be cooked anywhere from 1 minute to

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