When Jesse was 5…

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I found this today It is something I wrote about Jesse when he was 5... Today I was taking care of my son Jesse. I sometime wonder where he comes up with stuff that makes me smile or laugh. Today I asked him if he want to start to learn to play an instrument. He said actually a violin... I said wow why not a guitar or drums? He said because he already knew how to play the violin already. Really! Are they teaching you how to play in school? No, I saw some one do it one time

Quarantine dinner #28 ham and cheese

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I like cooking…. But sometimes you get one of those days where even making toast feels like too much work. Last night was one of those nights I was not inspired to cook and we just got a fresh direct delivery Yay! But here’s what really happen.. A couple of items were sold out but no biggie.. kitty ordered a chicken probably to make a chicken salad. the chicken was a whole organic free range no hormone, non gmo, locally grown, no antibiotic, soy free, gluten free, kosher, halal, chicken that was killed humanly while listening to Elton John’s

Quarantine dinner #26 Pasta fazool

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Taste changes Some people can eat the same food everyday. My wife for instance, can eat a grilled chicken salad everyday. There is a running joke about that in our household... Jesse has his go to dishes like curry, pasta, etc. Me, well I like to try new things explore new flavors and ways of cooking. That being said I hate cleaning up afterwards which normally come right after exploring new ways of cooking. So thinking about that, what did I eat on a regular basis 20 years ago, and Is it the same? Does our food taste change

Quarantine dinner #25 corn beef hash

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Life on a plate Growing up in chinatown nyc in the early 70’s I remember a lot thing I never thought about till now. Like never having an ac only a window fan, going out and playing in the streets or park without supervision or having a real curfew. I also thought about the fun things that kids now will never see again for instance stoop ball, a metal bar jungle Jim or like a heavy wooden nyc park high seesaw. If you grew up in nyc and played on a seesaw with your friends you know you would

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