When Jesse was 5…

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I found this today It is something I wrote about Jesse when he was 5... Today I was taking care of my son Jesse. I sometime wonder where he comes up with stuff that makes me smile or laugh. Today I asked him if he want to start to learn to play an instrument. He said actually a violin... I said wow why not a guitar or drums? He said because he already knew how to play the violin already. Really! Are they teaching you how to play in school? No, I saw some one do it one time

Quarantine dinner #29 Lo back go

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5:15 am How does my mind work? It’s funny how I start writing… I just write the title and I just let the misspell words and bad grammar flow! It’s almost like an unconscious stream I really don’t know what the next sentence is until I write it. (I had no idea I was going to write that.) kinda like every time when you pass the refrigerator in the kitchen and you just open the refrigerator door out of habit just to see what’s in there because you not sure if you are hungry or not So you do

Quarantine dinner #28 ham and cheese

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I like cooking…. But sometimes you get one of those days where even making toast feels like too much work. Last night was one of those nights I was not inspired to cook and we just got a fresh direct delivery Yay! But here’s what really happen.. A couple of items were sold out but no biggie.. kitty ordered a chicken probably to make a chicken salad. the chicken was a whole organic free range no hormone, non gmo, locally grown, no antibiotic, soy free, gluten free, kosher, halal, chicken that was killed humanly while listening to Elton John’s

Quarantine dinner #26 Pasta fazool

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Taste changes Some people can eat the same food everyday. My wife for instance, can eat a grilled chicken salad everyday. There is a running joke about that in our household... Jesse has his go to dishes like curry, pasta, etc. Me, well I like to try new things explore new flavors and ways of cooking. That being said I hate cleaning up afterwards which normally come right after exploring new ways of cooking. So thinking about that, what did I eat on a regular basis 20 years ago, and Is it the same? Does our food taste change

Quarantine dinner #25 corn beef hash

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Life on a plate Growing up in chinatown nyc in the early 70’s I remember a lot thing I never thought about till now. Like never having an ac only a window fan, going out and playing in the streets or park without supervision or having a real curfew. I also thought about the fun things that kids now will never see again for instance stoop ball, a metal bar jungle Jim or like a heavy wooden nyc park high seesaw. If you grew up in nyc and played on a seesaw with your friends you know you would

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