Quarantine dinner #31 Pernil

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Houston we have a problem... I like doing a lot of different things most of you know what I have done and I try to do them at the highest level possible If I can. Generally it happens pretty quickly for me because I probably get obsessed with something that I read everything and learn everything about that topic till I become an expert at it and know everything about it and that can take me a few months to years. So no need to bore you with details between on which way the toilet paper goes I’ll just

Quarantine dinner #20 Crispy pork

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Siu Yuk Plating was not my concern with this dish. I was experimenting with a piece of pork belly and trying a different way to get the skin crispy crunchy but not in a way that is a hard bite type. I wanted to be able to bite with my front teeth not and not my side teeth. I wanted that tender skin crunch with sticks to your lips fatty underlining then the meat perfumed with 5 spice and other fragrant flavors. It involved hundred of tiny pin hole in the skin blanching, more holes, vinegar, salt crust and

Quarantine dinner #11 Pork chops

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Cleaning my pantry shelf off day. Iets see if I can get 100 followers in my new instagram feed imicroworld Did anyone notice my little trick to keep chops flat? Spanish style fried pork chops from freezer with a box mix of dirty rice with can of Vienna sausages and can of pinto beans. Of course I added things like soffito to the beans and garlic and onions to the rice.

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