Quarantine dinner #49 Carne guisada

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Wepa! Latin food is one of my favorite things to eat and being in NYC is not hard to find or is it? Now if I had said Spanish food that would be a different story. Let me explain and break it down… Latin America what does that mean? It the places that only Spain and Portugal conquered and colonized and the places Spain only colonized is called Hispanic America. Every Latin country has its food and customs and culture. The food may sound the same but it different. So you can not say it’s all Spanish food. Mexican

Quarantine dinner #31 Pernil

By |2020-11-15T00:00:36+00:00April 21st, 2020|

Houston we have a problem... I like doing a lot of different things most of you know what I have done and I try to do them at the highest level possible If I can. Generally it happens pretty quickly for me because I probably get obsessed with something that I read everything and learn everything about that topic till I become an expert at it and know everything about it and that can take me a few months to years. So no need to bore you with details between on which way the toilet paper goes I’ll just

Quarantine dinner #11 Pork chops

By |2020-11-15T02:16:33+00:00March 25th, 2020|

Cleaning my pantry shelf off day. Iets see if I can get 100 followers in my new instagram feed imicroworld Did anyone notice my little trick to keep chops flat? Spanish style fried pork chops from freezer with a box mix of dirty rice with can of Vienna sausages and can of pinto beans. Of course I added things like soffito to the beans and garlic and onions to the rice.

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