A little history of my family in NYC Chinatown.
My grand father had one of the first noodle factory’s on Doyer street before the 1900’s then later on moved it to 12 Chatham square then later converted it to a tea house which sold dim sum and bakery’s like sponge cake, rice cakes, and all kinds of moon cakes. This is before nam wah. Nam wah was started in the 1920’s and it now the oldest dim sum shop in Chinatown now.
I grew up in the place Tung Kee also known as Hong Kee up til the age of 7 the lady’s who worked the counter would take of me give me dried plums as a treat.
when the store closed down and my father went into another type of work that was popular in the 70’s
And happen in basements if you lived in Chinatown you know what I am talking about.