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Quarantine dinner #50 Korean fried chicken

Why did the chikin cross the interstate… Sorry, not sorry… I have not had much time to write my food posts story’s normally they take about 2 hours to write. But I kinda got sidetracked with what started as a simple part swap for one of my 3D printers we decided to rebuild and upgrade everything with new wiring, custom printed parts, nozzles, etc. At the same time I have been teaching Jesse a cad designing program Called fusion 360, and he also wanted to learn more electronics, so now programming and electronics have been throw on the table for me to teach him he seems to be interested in biomechanics now. And myself I have been learning unity for game coding and virtual reality programming. But I have been cooking every night with good stories behind them. I just have not had time to write them down I have also been fixing up my old website to move all the posts there. Growing up in New York City was Not the capital place for fried chicken at least In my hood Chinatown. My dad used to make an incredible ginger garlic fried Chicken which I now think I Can make. But there was no buttermilk fried chicken or southern-style chicken in my area I am sure way uptown there were southern fried chicken joints you could find But the closest thing was KFC Kentucky fried chicken for me. Our chicken tasted nothing like KFC it must have been those 11 secret herbs and spices. So when a KFC open near us it was treated to go I finally had a chance to see what colonel sanders was talking about in his fancy white plantation outfit. He would strut around like an old pimp selling drugs talking bout how

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