5:15 am How does my mind work?
It’s funny how I start writing… I just write the title and I just let the misspell words and bad grammar flow!
It’s almost like an unconscious stream I really don’t know what the next sentence is… until I write it.
(I had no idea I was going to write that.)
kinda like every time when you pass the refrigerator in the kitchen and you just open the refrigerator door out of habit just to see what’s in there because you not sure if you are hungry or not So you do that like 5 times as if anything is gonna change in there. Oh, look a penguin! Where did that come from?
Me I just take a picture, so I can look at it later without having to get up.

Whats in the frig to eat?

So I keep writing to see if anything is going to happen…nope so I continue to write usually by this point here…
I think I am about to coming up with something!… hmm nada.
So I continue on, I stop for a few minutes and start thinking what is on my mind? !
Right now i have wrote a new story everyday, I am thinking wow how long can I keep this up making a new dish every night and can I keep up with the writing every day too?
Or should i space it out a bit you know because…you know I am sooo busy during self quarantine these days.
It’s like asking the prison guy who’s been in solitary confinement for over a month excuse me are you busy?
During my busy day I started taking so many naps my cats are jealous. But honestly, I have had this lifestyle for a while now I used to call it staying at home a lot. But they came up with the new name for it…self-quarantine or stay in place …a lot. I added a lot…
But what do you call the people in this situation? Hermits? What if it is a group hermites?
But being confined we find things to do… just not cleaning we will do that tomorrow too busy today with nappin and snackin.
Gotta get my nap on! 🎼 🎶 I sing this to the cats it makes them mad that I now nap more than they do. 😾😼
But first before I nap, I have to clean up my 275 shows and movies I have booked marked as must watch on Netflix, 124 on amazon and 54 on Hulu and various others on Tubi, Roku, Crunchyroll, AsianCrush etc.

My list

See I cut the cable tv cord 2 years ago I would spend an hour clicking thru the Channel and find nothing to watch!
But now I am more productive I spend hours adding things to my watch list instead of just clicking!
Then I spend another hour scrolling though my list to see what I want to watch first.

So, as I scroll across the list I got my maybe I watch now list …not too sure list…not now list and the famous oh that something we can all watch together save it for later list.

So 45 minutes passes and I forgot what was on my mental list to watch.

I forgot on what watch list it was on was it on Netflix or amazon hulu?

I think it started with the letter G it might have been an action movie or comedy…

Agh! So I have to repeat the process and I finally settled on a action packed film or so it seems like from the picture thumbnail and brief description I start it up… after 20 minutes you realize this is the worst low budget, bad acting waste of time movie ever and you stop it.
So, you start to scroll looking for that other “maybe” movie. But you forgot what it was. the cover might have had a girl on it..
So you finally find something interesting and start to watch…your eyes roll back next thing in the movies she now has two kids..a quick nod off and you open your eyes the kids moved out and and one of the girls is pregnant and has vanished!
Then once more I close my eyes for a second and then open to the end credits!
kitty asked did you fall asleep? Quick answer no.. she says what happen? I said she had 1 kid.

Back in the day there was a theory about “sleep learning” it was a simple idea, put headphones on and listen to teacher talk and you could absorb all the information while sleeping and when you woke up you would retain all this knowledge.

Well at least that was what I was trying to explain to the principal why I was sleeping in class.

Kitty reads a lot Jesse reads a lot…me I have not read a book since 1976 it might have been lord of the rings after that what other book do you need to read?
I always wanted a elven invisible cloak even harry potter has one and he didn’t know frodo so these cloaks must be real..
Hmm when did cloaks go out of fashion? I want one now. What would you do with an invisible cloak? I would probably wear it while napping so no one could see me sleeping and I would not get napped shamed.
But the cats would ruin it because they would probably climb on top of me and curl up and kitty would see a sleeping floating cat 🐱.

I always hear in my deepest sleep…. Are you sleeping? My sleeping answer to that is No I am not.. Now why would you ask a sleeping person are sleeping? it’s sleep shaming! #nosleepshaming in the movies when someone walks in to a room as see’s some had fall a sleep they put a coat or blanket over them and tip toe out the room… me i get ARE YOU SLEEPING AGAIN!… yes I slept yesterday i figure I would sleep again just for fun and see what happens!

But I do read manuals and technical stuff, science books things I guess most would find boring, I think if I did read other people’s books I could get influenced by their style and I could loose my writing voice.
Well I take some of it back and will put in a sack because I used to read stories to Jesse like Dr Seuss books, so I guess it did not affect me here. It did not affect me there. I will not stop I will not go there.
So why don’t you write a book I get asked a lot. Well I did start one about 7 years ago I wrote about 780 pages in two months then I stopped right in the middle of the the story. See the problem? 780 pages and it only the middle.
So, I figure I’ll writing again maybe loosen up the old stories from my head.
Let’s see what happens.
Ok so we are close to the end now I have been writing for like 1.5 hours. I am going to read what I wrote since I am writing this on an iPad in bed in the dark giggling and laughing I woke kitty up twice.
It’s not easy writing on the IPad I should use my super computer that I built in the other room…but I am super lazy to get out of the bed.
I should drag my supercomputer into the bedroom and put the monitors on the ceiling like the astronauts have.
Then I can lay down talk to mission, do Facebook and organize my Netflix watch list I am pretty sure that’s what astronauts do. Think about it they are up in space for weeks!

Mission control: That is go for nap!

Me: roger that copy! stand by for drool.

Every time you see a photo of astronauts in space, they are always fixing something.
How much shit they have to fix?
They always fixing something with the wrench or using that space gun what no hammers or a pair of pliers? Why didn’t they fix it before they left?

Hey John I know you had burritos from Paco’s burritos palace last night I know you like the extra cheese on them but remember we are like we are going on a 10000000 mile trip don’t forget to go to the bathroom before we go. We are not gonna stop again like last time and ohh don’t for to fix the solar panel on the ship.

I don’t wanna have to go outside to fix it in space again.
Then its big new that he printed a wrench in space! you know why he did? because he forgot to bring his tool box!
My super hasn’t fix shit in 10 years I think astronauts would be great supers.
So, yea typing is hard with two thumbs and the stupid spell check on the iPad but that’s another story.

Plus my ipad gets finicky l have you every seen a friends post and their loved granny or pet died and you push the sad face emoji 😢 but instead you post the 😂 laughing and you can’t remove it?

Shit 7:15 I have not put the food part in…
Let’s go for it.
Ok kitty goes outside for walks down quiet streets and under bridges with her mask 😷 hat 🎩 and gloves 🧤 and sometimes goes to the store.
But she sometimes brings back some odd things that don’t match anything else in the bag it’s almost Like a game show where you have to do something with the ingredients.
She brought back some eggs, English muffins, and a potato. fine that’s good for breakfast and but why a daikon radish? I figure you can do something with it.? Like ok fine.wtf. so, 5 days later ok I gotta do something with it.
We sometimes go to eat dim sum on weekends one of the things we ate was turnip cake or lo bak go.
Which is basically grated daikon radish with rice flour and steamed then pan fried.
It also has bits of Chinese sausage or roasted pork dried shrimp and scallions.
I have pretty much everything in my tiny pantry except the dried shrimp kitty threw them out she thought they looked old and dry.
They are suppose to be old and dry…
Lo bak go is served with oyster sauce and chili sauce on the side the cake itself has a soft creamy noodley texture with bit of sweet chewy Chinese sausages and smooth chunks of daikon with the slightly crispy exterior. Combine that with the briny oyster sauce and the heat of the chili sauce you are now back in Chinatown.
7:30am done nap nap 😴 💤 Time! Cat! Caaat!!
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