Houston we have a problem…
I like doing a lot of different things most of you know what I have done and I try to do them at the highest level possible If I can.
Generally it happens pretty quickly for me because I probably get obsessed with something that I read everything and learn everything about that topic till I become an expert at it and know everything about it and that can take me a few months to years.
So no need to bore you with details between on which way the toilet paper goes I’ll just tell you it goes on the outside.
The same obsession holds true with food, microscopes, drones, inventing and now I am starting to write again.
It’s been fun seeing how many people seem to have enjoyed reading my posts so I would like to thank both of you for reading them.
So how can I make it better? How can I get more readers and followers?
The main problem I have right now is Facebook, for a couple of reasons first, it only lets my posts show up only for blink of a second for a for like 5% of my friends.
If I do 2 posts right after the other Chances are you will only see 1.
The other issue after a day or 2 it falls to wayside unless you go through my feed like a Jodie foster stalker. Then there formatting I can only on post a couple of pictures as attachments I can not Insert pictures into the story.
I think it would be better to see them in the correct order as I talk about something the picture is there.
Also there is no way to follow posts on Facebook.
Facebook was not meant for blogging it was meant for cats! And the picture of toes at a beach.
Hmm what’s that about?


Well according to the internet law I am supposed to create a blog so I can be 1 out of 10000,000,00 bloggers out there.
But at least I will have 2 followers..well 4 my 2 cats follow me when I have food. I guess it’s the same with you guys you see pictures of my food and you follow me.
Ok as I research how to go viral without going outside without a mask 😷
I found I need to do a couple of things according to the internet bible.
like, Make interesting content…hmm gonna have to work on that.
Tell your friends… yes both of em.
Use a catchy title
Use pictures
Post regularly.basis. Mm ok.
Use a keyword tag. Got it! #keyword
Write about things that interest other people. 😳 wtf? Does that mean?
Email all your friends. Spam?
Use Facebook Ooh that’s the secret!
To me this is so duh! But I am sure this is like a revelation to someone they probably think wow using pictures! I never thought of that! Let me post toes pictures! And as for the title I will change the name from My blog to the toe journey around the world…

My toe Blog.

I am sure there is someone out there who has a blog or Instagram account with just beach toes and has over 500k followers.
But I think I want to move my big posts to my website and do a blog there and have it formatted all nicely.
I also want to try and Horne my craft to less than 143 mistakes per page and try to do more concise focus stories instead of my every day crazy rambling.
It’s funny how I can talk about things that happen to me without leaving the house. I am sure those people on the train who talk to themselves were just like me once.

train people

Also if I did this every day I am sure you would get bored after a couple of years.
As I used to tell the bands who played for me…
“Less is more don’t play every song you know…play a short 30-minute show and leave them wanting more. It’s like a good steak eat too much of it and you won’t want it for a while.”
So I will follow my own advice for now.
Once my blog is set up you can subscribe to it and be alerted when new posts are up and never miss one. Even though asking people to subscribe on Facebook is like asking them to donations their birthday charity request 🎂
I should do it too for my birthday I would like you to donate to the sad bread fund there are millions of sad-looking slices of bread out there, especially the first slice and the last slice..they never get the love 💕
I mean you gotta be pretty fucked up to say hmm i think I will make my kids an end bread sandwich for my kids it’s their favorite!
Most kids will get mad if you don’t cut the crust of the edges!


So these end slices and deformed bread deserve a home to stay till they turn green or stale comfortably and they can listen to Elton johns tiny dancer all day.
Elton will sing tiny dancer or candles in the wind for any charity..
with only $5.00 you can make some bread happy for at least one day and if donate now you can receive a Special carry all tote bag with modern lock choose one of the 4 special high quality tote bags send 5.00 to C/0 Tommy Gunn.

High Quality Custom tote Bags

So with post #30 being the last story/rambling I will continue on with quarantine dinners and other posts but I will be moving ramblings and stories somewhere else I hope you enjoyed my crazy posts.
See ya on a real blog!
But last night’s dinner was off the charts! Roasted pork shoulder. I and Jesse worked together really hard on this he made the seasoning and rub blend then he poked like 100 holes in pork and stuff each hole with the paste he made with olive oil, sliced garlic, cilantro, adobo and bunch of more spices.
but I did the hard work I Preheated the oven.
We served it with yellow rice and beans.
The pork was cooked for 4 hours… I know we some times cook it for 12 hours.
So the pork was so juicy and full of flavor the skin was crispy and sticky chewy and the best part was the dark outside and the insides since he pokes holes and stuffed the pork with the garlic cilantro paste it was the kind of meal you could not stop eating.
It was a win.
Editors note: I do have a website with some blog stuff already but I need to clean it up first and do some updates.
Editors sub-note: should I start a group so when I post something you will get notified?
Editors sub sub sub notes: what kinds of story’s would you like to hear about food history? Pets, home life, past life?
Editors sub sub sub sub note: my old blog has those kinds of stories and also tech stories about some of my projects.
Editors sub sub sub sub sub note: If you are reading this now it mean i have move it to a real blog page!