Twisting forks
Every loves pasta but it can get boring after a while…pasta with marinara sauce, pasta with sausage meat, pasta carbonara, pasta with meat sauce, etc. I think meat sauce was invented by people who too lazy to make meatballs.


So in our household we normally make a quick meat sauce. But last night I wanted something different and I wanted to make it fairly quick and simple this is what I did…
I had a pack of boneless skinless chicken thighs I seasoned with salt and fresh ground pepper. Please note I only use kosher salt and never table salt and always fresh black pepper from a grinder not the app. Then I lightly dusted the thighs with corn starch.
Then I heated about 2 cups of evoo and add hot pepper flakes then adding the thighs and sauté once they were almost done I threw in about 2 tablespoons of minced garlic.
Then about a half, an onion diced, a good handful of mixed olives pimientos and capers. Threw in some Italian Seasoning and a hand full of chopped parsley.
I cook this till the onion are soft and olives wrinkle a little then I top with grated Parmesan cheese and server with the pasta. I wanted linguine for this dish but all I had was fettuccine. So what? they are are almost the same thing it just pasta.
Yes they are both pasta but no not the same… let me explain…
pasta comes in all shapes and sizes in this case the difference is thickness fettuccine is use with heavy cream sauces because it is a thick wider noodle which holds up and holds the cream sauce. If you used a heavy cream sauce with a capellini pasta it would soak up all the cream and very gummy paste-like.


But if you par that capellini pasta with a light fresh Pomodoro sauce it would a perfect balance the angel hair paste would hold the light sauce.
Shells, penne, rigatoni are made for holding sauces and baking. We will get more into pasta Soon.
Linguine is very good for holding oil type sauces like garlic and oil, and also broth-based like white Clam Sauce and even red.
So the dish had nodes of garlic and oil but when you had a bite of the cooked olives it changed to a bit more Mediterranean and the chicken had all the caramelized crunchy good bits from the bottom of the pan so it was packed full of flavor.
This is a great alternative to the spaghetti with meat sauce or when you eat it in a restaurant they call it Bolognese for 18.00