I want it now!
Everybody nowadays wants everything fast including food.
In my previous dinner it was a slow process making everything from scratch. Now I wanted to go in the opposite direction can
I make a complete dinner by the time the water boils?
Yes! Instant noodles but I am sure I make mine a little different let me explain what instant noodles are first…
Instant noodles have saved many broke college kids from starving to death and all the people who don’t know how to cook can still make instant Raman.
Momofuku Ando invented the instant noodle in Japan.
According to him after the bombing people were going hungry and they would line up at these noodle stalls waiting for a bowl of noodles he vowed one day he would end world hunger.
Ando was a businessman but After the war but was convicted of tax evasion in 1948 and served two years in jail.
In his biography, Ando said he had provided scholarships for students, which at the time was a form of tax evasion. After he lost his company due to a chain-reaction bankruptcy he later became a bank president.
But when the bank failed in 1957 he starts going back to his idea about food.
It had to be fast to cook, easy to make and cheap, tasty, healthy, and long shelf life.
After the war people were staving in Japan and America was send wheat flour and told them to make bread. Ando was convinced noodles would be better since the Japanese were used to noodles.
According to legend and Ando one day during one of his Experiments he threw some noodles in the hot oil of his wife’s tempura pot and the noodles became dehydrated but created little holes so they could cook faster.
And in 1958 the Chikin Raman brand was born under Ando’s company Nissin.

Chikin Raman

At that time instant noodles were more expensive than fresh noodles but people still bought them because they were fast to make and were considered a luxury item.
Eventually Ando came to America and while he was here he saw the styrofoam cup!
Which gave him an idea soon afterward the cup of noodles was born! Later on he did come up with a cup of rice but it was too expensive to produce. Now you can get like 4 packs of noodles for under a buck up to 3.00 for 1

Cup of noodles

Did you know that there are restaurants that serve instant ramen and they are popular?

Asian market instant noodle section.

Ok a couple of ways I make instant noodles starting with the most basic way.
1. boil noodles for 3 minutes throw pack mix In bowl not in water. Strain noodles quick rinse put in the bowl with seasoning mix add hot water.
Why? It removes the cloudiness and some of the alkalines.
2. same as above but add veggies hard-boiled egg leftover chicken etc.
Our preferred way is a plate of noodles.
Ok this is fast and easy and every ingredient is optional and perfect for refrigerator raids for things that are getting wilted or need using up.
Start a pot of water boiling and also put a pan or wok on the stove med-high heat.
chop about a couple of mixed vegetables or one if that is al you got.
In a bowl scramble 2 eggs
Add ginger and garlic to the now hot pan and quickly sauté the veggies for 2 3 minutes. Remove veggies from pan and put in bowl water should be boiling now add 2 pack of noodles to the boiling water set timer for 3 minutes.
Add a little oil back in the other pan add eggs and stir and keep break eggs into little pieces.
Remove eggs from pan add oil ginger and garlic to the pan
Noodles should be ready now with turn off everything for a second using a spider or a strainer add the noodles to the pan. It going to make a lot of noise once noodles are in the pot turn the heat high and keep tossing noodles and packets of seasoning till all noodles are covered add a splash of water if necessary.
Add veggies eggs scallions if you got them to toss for about 1 minute and serve…
This will taste like a restaurant dish that you gladly pay 12 bucks for. It takes a bit of practice to get the timing right to get to make the dish in 10 minutes or less. Don’t overcook the noodles or it will be gummy experiment with different brands I prefer the spicer noodles and if you are near an Asian market go look at the instant noodle isles. In my opinion the most common one is a Manchurian brand it’s ok but it is the cheapest you get like 4 for 1.00 the better ones can have ups to 3 packages of seasonings powder, flavor oil, dehydrated veg, and spices.
Try my instant noodle way and let me know what you think.