One thing I never liked is oatmeal only 5% of the world eats oatmeal the other 95% is livestock.
But I do like steel-cut oatmeal is normally boring even the story behind it is boring.
But let me see if I can change that!
First the oatmeal that everyone knows that comes in the round box with the picture of bushes wife is called rolled oats. It’s called rolled oats because it is rolled and flatten. The process makes it cook faster because of the wider surface area, so it can be cooked anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes.
Rolled oat can be cooked, toasted, or eaten raw no? What do you think muesli is? Which almost the same thing they give horses. I don’t have to describe the taste you all know what it tastes Like.

Classic oatmeal

Steel-cut or pin oatmeal are different they are not rolled they are more intact less processed and takes a long time to cook 20 minutes+. The taste is different it chewy, better flavor, better texture not like wet cardboard like rolled oats.
because everyone is always in a rush rolled oats was created to be and to cook faster. It is bulkier and softer and can be feed to animals and humans raw or cooked quickly.

Rolled oats vs Steel cut oats

Unlike steel-cut which is not meant to be eaten raw and takes a lot longer to cook.
Quaker Oats was trade marketed in 1877 with the picture of the Quaker man on the box because they thought it represented honest values and good quality. But 4 years later the company goes bankrupt!
In 1881 Henry Parsons buys the company but more importantly he gets the name, Quaker Oats.
Soon later he puts out the first printed ad campaign in magazines and papers. He promotes it as a breakfast cereal and that it is good for you.
Within a couple of years 7 of top oat mils join forces with Quaker and become American Cereal Company in Ohio and soon have special trains transporting just oats.
In 1922 they produced the round box we all know with the 1 minute cook time oatmeal.
1961 they Produced life cereal “Mikey likes it!” btw micky did not died from eating pop rocks.
1966 instant oatmeal.
1970 the first flavored instant oatmeal brown sugar and cinnamon.
1981 the chewy granola bar.
Yes this is all very cool and interesting but it still tastes like warm soggy paper.
Personally the only thing I like rolled oats for is cookies.
I had tried instant oatmeal once with Jesse it was an instant yuck!
I normally eat steel-cut and I wanted him to try it.
So I had to be careful and not scare him of oatmeal one of his favorite desserts is creme brûlée
I make my steel cut oat with milk not water it makes it creamy I Also use brown sugar and cinnamon and sometimes maple syrup. So for jesses second try I decided to do a special crackly burnt sugar brûlée topping.
I served him the bowl..15 minutes late do we have any more oatmeal?
Nuf said…