Best invention since…
Grill cheese and bacon sandwich done! What can you say about that?… it’s just a simple sandwich haha! the end! well, lots…
Let me break it down and I’ll explain..
Let’s start with the sandwich when we think of sandwiches we picture something between two slices of bread, the Oreo cookie filling, or the time you thought it was a good idea to go home with those 2 people.
If you don’t get too technical you can go back to ancient times when the Jews had lamb with herbs on a soft matzah like flatbread now now know as a flatbread wrap.e
It was more in the Middle Ages people used a stale thick cut of old stall bread as a plate then called them trenchers when the meal was over they gave the trencher to the dog or beggars. ( Now you can go to the Olive Garden and pay 12.00 for a bread bowl.)
In the Netherlands around the same time in the taverns they hung all kinds of meats.
They would cut a piece of bread slander butter on it and put some meat on top of it. We call this an open face sandwich now.
Going Back to England the rich aristocracy Now here comes the cool story…ready?
One day some aristocrats were playing cards including the earl of sandwich during the game he asked the valet to bring him some roast beef between 2 pieces of bread the other players said bring me the same as sandwich!
The Earl of sandwich like the idea and so did his friends they could play cards and eat with one hand. it was a convenient way of eating.
So soon everyone just started asking for a sandwich…
So that’s how the sandwich idea started.
And that’s the sandwich story!… But wait I am not done yet!
The Croque monsieurs is what the lazy Americans based the grilled cheese on…
huck tooey! (The sound of a French Chef spitting).

The Croque monsieurs uses better cheese and has 1 slice of ham and is prepared almost like a French toast with seasoning, nutmeg milk creating a béchamel sauce…

Croque monsieur

Typically the grilled American cheese sandwich is American processed cheese white bread and butter or mayo for grilling and that’s it.
Lazy Americans! huck tooey!
Some are gonna post No! No.. we go to the farmers market and get the 75-grain bread.
And little Billy helps milk the free-range goat to make cheese. And we bake our own bread.
But did you do the béchamel sauce part?…. huck tooey! Silly American pfft!
So in America in 1914 the Kraft brothers came up with a way to process cheese so it could be transported long distance without spoiling also remember this time most people did not have good refrigeration.
Then this guy Otto Frederick Rohwedder was busying inventing a bread sliced that didn’t work too good around 1920.
Bakers were not interested in a bread slicer because once you slice bread it goes stale it was a stupid idea they thought.
Otto had a fire and lost all his blueprints and had to restart again.
Soon the Waters Genter Company in 1926 invented the popup toaster and it was catching on.
In 1927 This gave Otto an idea he came up with an idea to slice bread and package and closed it as soon as it cut.
In 1928 he sold his first sliced bread with his machine and started selling the machine to the bakers slice bread began to outsell non-sliced bread and it fit perfectly in the toaster.
He was selling machines faster than he could make them but the Great Depression hit and he had to sell his rights to his invention to a company.
Soon afterward wonder bread came up with their version of a sliced.
In 1949 kraft came up with the individual wrapped cheese.
Before that, you either grated it or slice it your self.
Now my grilled cheese sandwich was built on boule rye bread and simple deli American cheese grilled with butter on the outside and mayo on the inside and thick-cut bacon and lettuce and tomatoes… what no béchamel? huck tooey!
I had completely forgotten about Croque monsieurs after making the sandwiches I remembered and it was like…oh..yea.. mmm😋 too late.
But you know what ol la la! it was freaking good! Lol
Nothing better since sliced bread.