Get your hotdogs here!
Most people have never had tried real Mexican food…
Let me break it down to you why…
Like everyone at one point I thought I did, I had tacos 🌮 with ground meat lettuce tomatoes ground beef in a yellow corn shell.
Maybe you had something fancy like a burrito or enchiladas in a Mexican restaurant with Mexican people working there so it must mean it real right?
Possibly…maybe just like the Chinese restaurant with the Chinese people who work behind the bulletproof glass and you have to talk into the mic to ask for the number 4 and extra duck sauce for your egg roll.
Yep, I think the noodle master from Qingzhen said yep this is the place I am going to work at.
I will make my most authentic dishes like chicken wings with pork fried rice with a side of French fries and a grape soda.
Ok most likely ya’ll have been eating Tex-Mex at best.
No fucking way man I have been eating at Carmelita’s for years!
I am sure everyone flocks to Carmelita’s to cater their quinceanera.
Ok let see if pass this test for 100% authentic Mexican food:
the cheese on the food is shredded or some good cheese like Monterey cheese?
Do they have flour tortillas?
Do they use ground meat in the tacos?
Are the toppings sour cream lettuce and tomatoes?
Do they have the crunchy taco shells?
Are your choices chicken beef or pork?
Do they have Nachos?
do they have Fajita?
large Margaritas or pitchers?
Beer with lime in it?
is anything served in a tortilla bowl?
Answer any of these questions With a yes then it’s not authentic it’s Tex Mex that caters to gringos.
Ask Judy debra and patty and gary… oh and julio..
Yea I went to all the places in NYC like iguanas in the village and local Mexican restaurants the selling point for these places was the big margaritas and the shot girl not the food.
Do you know how I learned about real Mexican food? I went to Mexico! I did not eat at the hotels with all you can eat buffets.
I ate off the street carts where other Mexicans were lined up, I spoke to taxi Driver and ask where does he eat with no gringos.
I ate in the local markets I had real tacos And real Mexican food for the first time.
real Mexican looks like..mole, pozole, blue-corn tortillas, elote, esquite, chiles en nogada, chicharrón en chile verde, tacos al pastor, alambre, gringa, atole, champurrado…lengua, carnitas, nopales, Chapulines, guisados, asada etc.That is Mexican food
Not chicken fajitas in a hard shell or soft with a side sour cream for an extra .75.
the only time you will find flour tortillas is up north in Mexico they use em for quesadillas but you will hard press to find them in restaurants. Nor will you find margarita those are for tourist areas.
And sticking a lime in a beer? It’s Frown upon. Just say no…
Things like Nachos were invented for the American palate by this guy Ignacio Anaya, who whipped up the first batch for a group of hungry U.S. military wives at a restaurant called the Victory Club in Piedras Negras, Mexico, near Fort Duncan.
He named it after his nick name nacho which was short for Ignaciocio. The fajita Was introduced at Ninfa’s in Houston on July 13, 1973
So what happened why do we eat fake Mexican food?
Tejano people were Texas of Mexican decedents who combine the flavor of American food with Mexican and Spanish food. they used a lot of grated cheeses in their dishes and used more flour than corn.
Tex-Mex food started getting popular in the ’70s and by the med 80’s it was everywhere with giant glasses of margaritas and a bowl of nachos.
But before that, there was this guy Glen Bell who sold hotdogs at bells drive-in in 1954. Bell was also selling tacos for .19 cents. He has some other taco ventures afterward but by 1962 he sold everything and opened up his first Taco Bell.
This is where I think the ground beef in tacos originated from.
Here is how I think ground meat appeared in tacos… so, Glen, had hot dogs stands, and is very common to have a chili dog.. what is in the chili for that? it’s loose Ground beef with spices.. almost the same as a Taco Bell taco huh? Just something to think about.
So by 1972 he had 350 Taco Bell restaurants.
Taco Bell eventually was world wide and had amazing catchy add campaigns and promotions everyone knew who they were.
So glen the gringo put crappy Tex-mex food on the map.
It was cheap different than a burger it was in the malls kids grew up eating this.
This was the basis people gauge Mexican food how much Much better was it than Taco Bell’s.
So then came the the trendy restaurants, the mom an pop Mexican restaurants serving up taco with better Meats either ground meat or al calbon topped with thick fresh guacamole and a beer with a lime in it..upscale Taco Bell’s.
Ok so what’s real?
In America we eat pretty much the same yellow corn all the time corn on the cob, nibbles and cream of corn and that’s it.
In Mexico there are over 60 variations of corn of different colors shapes and sizes and a ton of ways on how they cooked them.
A meal can have a different variety’s of corn cooked and used in different ways.
But the main thing is the masa for the tortillas has to go thru a special process of grinding dried heirloom corn fresh.
You can can make Masa from corn meal but it is still not the same taste as fresh not even close and forget about the pre made tortillas.
It’s like comparing fresh hot bread out of the oven to cheap sliced bread from the supermarket.
But making your own tortillas from corn meal is still better that most options.
Ok well if your lucky you can find real Mexican food trucks in certain areas if you see a sign with beef chicken or pork walk away.
You want to see things you never heard of and or words like carnitas, pastor, lengua, guisados, hochata no lettuce and tomatoes and sour cream. Only onion or some self server relish you have never seen before and they only have warm corn tortillas.
For restaurants the same but a good restaurant sometimes they have a juke box playing Mexican music loud I mean really loud.
What We made was carnitas with chunks of braised marinated pork browned then covered with remaining marinade then topped with condensed milk and slow cooked for 2 hours,

Jesse made tortillas from scratch

also the salsa, marinate, red onions marinated with oil and red wine vinegar, and cohita cheese and did the plating. Bout time lol!